[ scrapped chariot ]

Resigned and with an impressive arrogance, the figure looks at the viewer with deep black eyes. The frame fades and flows from the image. The silhouette fades into oblivion. The question remains: Which heavenly means of transport that has been built over the past decades has now been canceled again? Who? And why?”.

Four Tet’s “Two Thousand and Seventeen” is an electronic masterpiece that evokes a timeless atmosphere. It opens with a pulsating rhythm and warm, layered synthesizers that create a sense of introspection and reflection. The melodies float like a dreamy blanket, and the rhythms are subtly built up with a hypnotic effect. The title suggests a look at the present, with the mix of sounds evoking a sense of timelessness and continuity. The song seems to represent an emotional journey, where the past and the future come together in the moment of the present. The careful construction of sound layers shows Four Tet’s craftsmanship and its ability to weave complexity with accessibility. “Two Thousand and Seventeen” is an immersive experience that envelops us in a rich sonic world and is a testament to the artist’s profound artistic vision.

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