[ paul’s naughty thoughts ]

The colorful man in the background represents the painter Paul Klee (1879-1940).

Klee’s art is influenced by his fascination with music, (!) resulting in works that often feel rhythmic and harmonic.

His work shows a unique fusion of abstraction, expressionism and primitive art and his painting style is often characterized by geometric shapes, playful lines and bright areas of color. He experimented with various techniques, including watercolor, oil paint and chalk, and used unconventional materials to add texture and depth.

We can only guess what naughty thoughts Paul had at the time of capturing it on canvas. After all, it is the silhouette that hides. Otherwise, ask the maker himself.

“All is Dull” is a song by the Dutch rock band De Staat. It is a satirical and cynical criticism of contemporary society, in which superficiality, conformism and boredom are central. The lyrics suggest a sense of apathy and disillusionment, in which people are stuck in a monotonous and colorless routine.

The song can be seen as a call for more authenticity and creativity in a world often dominated by superficiality and conformism.

That would have been music to Paul’s ears.

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