[ eraserhead ]

The portrait of this lady with multiple guises in 1 frame is a sequel to the portrait painting “David Lynch – Ghost of Love”. The lady, faded, multiple, colorful, with streaks, spots and stripes is inspired by the film “Eraserhead”. The film is a surreal, experimental film directed by David Lynch. It is symbolic of Lynch’s unique cinematographic style and his ability to evoke psychological tension and discomfort. The film follows the story of Henry Spencer, a man confronted with bizarre events and terrifying visions in a dystopian world. “Eraserhead” is infused with symbolism and dreamlike imagery, leaving it open to interpretation. It represents the dark side of human consciousness and alienation in modern society. The unique soundscape and cinematography emphasize the oppressive atmosphere. The film has become a cult classic, breaking the boundaries of traditional storytelling and challenging viewers to think more deeply about the nature of reality and human experience.

“103” by The Kills is a song steeped in longing and emotional intensity. The song seems to be about a complex relationship or unattainable love. The text reflects a mix of passion, pain and longing, with raw, evocative images that evoke emotional depth. The distinctive voices of Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince add an element of grittiness to the musical composition, drawing the listener into the intense emotions of the song.

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