[ avalanche ]

This painting symbolizes an “Avalanche” that you can feel when you walk in the busy city and consciously look around you. Like blades in the wind, the architectural masterpieces bend over you with an unstoppable and indelible force of nature. It makes people small and vulnerable. The buildings do not ask for your company. You choose. Is this your center of the world?

Leonard Cohen’s “Avalanche” is a compelling song steeped in poetry and dark emotions. It describes the destructive power of love and desire. Cohen, known for his profound lyrics, paints a picture of an emotional avalanche that engulfs someone. The text is steeped in metaphors and imagery, and seems to refer to the overwhelming and crushing nature of passion.

The song addresses the complexities of human relationships and the deep emotional scars that love can leave behind. Cohen’s deep, sonorous voice adds to the intense atmosphere of the song, and the slow, thoughtful melody enhances the melancholic tone.

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